Ardour Setup Images

Lets collect some photographs of Ardour setups, perhaps with info on the other gear you're using it with. It doesn't have to be fancy - anything that might help convince others that Ardour might be a useful tool for them. You can include a link to a small photo in an <img> tag, and then include the text of the full link - I or someone will convert into a proper link later. First up, Niels Ott in Tübingen, Germany

Niels Ott's Ardour setup

Band comes to my place for a

Band comes to my place for a first try out at recording and to start practicing using "music-minus-one". This is a proof-of-concept, so equipment was definitely at a budget.
-- An older PC 3-core AMD and 8Gb RAM, Ubuntu Studio, realtime kernel, Ardour.
-- M-audio Delta 66 picked up used
-- Lexicon 550 stereo digital effect box we had lying around serves as an external A/D converter for the digital inputs of the M-audio card.
Which gives a total of 6 analog inputs.
-- Alesis Multimix 6 CUE (bought new for the occasion) for headphones with individual volume control each.
-- 80s Sansui AU-D33 integrated stereo amplifier with my old TDL RTL 2 loudspeakers for listening to the mix

An old mono mixer/amplifier serves as a mixer for the drummer so we can mix 3 microphones for the drums onto one track, plus a separate track for the bass drum. Bass player, guitar player and keyboard go directly line in into the M-audio. One track left for vocals.

We plugged in, adjusted levels and ... GO. Recorded sound quality was surprisingly good. Clear and live sounding.

Studio Cita Del Rock : France

Studio Cita Del Rock : France (Sisteron)
Dream Studio 64
Ardour 3.1
2 monitors Mackie HR624 + 1sub JBL "control SB-5"
RME Hammerfall HDSP Multiface II
ADAT ext. Focusrite Octopre MK2
preamps M-AUDIO Octane (8 ch.)
4 headphones Channels, mixed by Yamaha RM800 console
Control suface Mackie Control Universal + 2 extenders (through ESI "M8Uxl")

Many thanks to dev team !!

is the picture been removed?

is the picture been removed?