post 2.0 issues

Just some ideas:

  • switch to a cairo based canvas (Papyrus or GooCanvas)
  • figure out how to draw boolean automation
  • modularize Session?
    • move static methods into utility namespace?
    • move vectorized methods?
  • Improve surfaces code, add surfaces
  • copy/paste of regions and/or chunks between instances?
  • Composite Regions
  • tear off groups for mixer strips
  • Edit region in an external editor
  • Finish "operation applies to selection" - no more clicked_regionview, clicked_trackview etc. as targets
  • all plugins on/off button


  • Carl H's vertical stacking patch
  • use ingen's plugin selector (or at least its design)
  • Autoplay mode in sound file auditioner
  • cut buffer for plugins etc must use XML, not objects
  • REAPER-style connection-I/O matrix editor
  • MIDI I/O dialog
  • export dialog redesign
  • MTC lock indicator
  • import dialog redesign - select file, then select action
  • what's the next version number?
  • just what is our numbering system anyways?
  • Improve Help to point to manual, paypal
  • Route::process_output_buffers() redesign
  • open projects read-only
  • Group identifiers

Group identifiers

Each edit group would be given a unique identifier [0-9A-Za-z] which would replace the 'g' in the track header. The color for the identifier would indicate whether the group is active or not. Both colors must be different from the default color for track header buttons so that 'g' is differentiated