Ardour Development Update

It's been a long time since the last release of Ardour, and there's still no schedule or even vague sense of when the next release might appear. I (Paul) felt that our users, and particularly our subscribers, deserved some information about what is and has been going on with development over the last 8 months. I had promised to do this back in December, and it is now long overdue.

Long Interview with Ardour Founder Paul Davis

Ardour founder Paul Davis sat down recently with Darwin Grosse of Cycling 74 (Max) to talk about the program, his own personal history, audio technology, software platforms and a whole lot more besides. It's roughly an hour long, and Paul reports that he was unusually satisfied with what he managed to say during this chat.

You can find it at Darwin's Art & Music & Technology podcast:

Quite possibly worth taking a listen to Darwin's chat with Andrew Belt of VCVRack too ... full list of episodes here:

Ardour Solar Powered Development

Some Ardour users and other interested readers may be intrigued to know that almost all of Ardour's lead developer's work on the program right now is powered by photovoltaic panels. 540W panel capacity and 510Ah of lead-acid AGM batteries generally provides enough power to keep a 4 core i7-3370US 3.10GHz system running, with occasional use of a Mac Mini. It also runs the fridge, lighting, music and pump systems in the Sprinter van that he and his wife are living in until June 2017. With the exception of the Mac Mini, all other computing equipment is 12V DC native (no power bricks), including the 40W Topping amplifier used to power a pair of Micca monitors.

It is unlikely that the solar power available in the UK during the winter (where the van will be located) will be enough to keep things running, so at some point reverting to a cable and mains power seems likely. But for now, all of Paul's work is powered by the sun. Welcome to the future!

(ps. as a footnote, the other systems intimately involved in Ardour development, while connected to the grid, are also powered via contracts that guarantee 100% renewable energy sources.)

Ardour web presence: developer wanted

Ardour is an open source application for recording, editing and music music & sound for Linux, OS X and Windows. The project started over 16 years ago, and has seen contributions from more than 70 programmers. It recently reached its 5.0 release milestone. It generates sufficient revenue to pay its lead developer a reasonable salary, as well as covering all costs associated with its network presence. We're looking for someone to do a little bit of website administration and development for us. Read on below for more details...

Ardour Pong

Ardour Pong from Robin Gareus on Vimeo.

A console classic for your console. Sample-accurate automation and all :)

Nightly Builds Now Available

Thanks to the amazing hardwork of Robin Gareus and funding from Harrison Consoles, now has nightly builds of the development version of Ardour available. Read more details below.

Email issues (now resolved)

For about a day from 15:40 GMT on November 13th, all outbound email from was being rejected by our outbound email server. The time on had drifted more than 5 minutes from the email server's own time. I have corrected the time and installed an NTP client to ensure that this does not happen again.

If you were expecting email from in connection with a new account, attempt to reset your password and you will get a new email.

If you were expecting email from in connection with a download, please contact me ( and I'll get you the information you need.

Apologies for the problems.

linuxDSP Workstation Plug-ins Bundle - Pay What You Want - Limited Offer

The linuxDSP Workstation Plug-ins Bundle is now available as Pay What You Want for a limited time until the end of June 2014. A unique opportunity to add professional console grade processing to your Ardour sessions for a fraction of the normal price (or whatever you think it's worth). Min price £5.00 (to cover payment processing and charges). Get it here:

Ardour source repository moves to git

The official repository for Ardour source code has now moved to git instead of svn. It is hosted at Users without write access can clone it using git clone git:// Users with write access have been privately notified of the changes.

We will likely clone the repo at github or a similar site, and keep it automatically up to date.

Release Plans for Ardour 3.0

A decision has finally been made regarding the release of Ardour 3.0. First, some general stuff.