Tracks randomly going out of sync

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This is what just happened: I've got two acoustic guitar tracks, going into one bus.

I record a mandolin track over the top. I listen to the playback and all is well. Timing is good, and first near-perfect take in days!

Just a couple of off notes, I can fix them by recording another track underneath.

I set fader automation to quieten down the off notes, so I can play over the top of them.

I then set up a new track, select the input in the mixer, press record ... and blow me if the mando track hasn't suddenly gone out of sync.

Desperately I start pressing control-z, to try and get back to the state the track was in when I first recorded it, when it sounded good. But to no avail.

I quit Ardour2, then launch it again ... problem still there. Some evil bug has deliberately realigned my track.

This is the second time that's happened to me. No predictable cause that I can see. Can you?