Interchange File Format Question

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I'm using Ardour to do some real-time audio recording from a 16 channel A/D. Ultimately what I want to produce is a raw file for each channel (16 files). I've learned that I can do this with Ardour by using the export functionalities from the menu however this a bit too cumbersome for the amount of testing I'm doing. So, I'm wondering what format the .wav files created in the Inchange folder of my Session are in. It appears that they are of raw type. Can anyone confirm?

Thanks in advance.

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they are all regular audio files with a header, all mono. depending on the user options and the platform they will be either:


  • on OSX, RIFX (big endian RIFF)
  • on Linux, RIFF (little endian RIFF)

Data Header

  • WAVE
  • BWF (Broadcast WAVE)

Data Format

  • 32 bit floating point

A completely standard format, in any scenario.
Except that ProTools is currently the only DAW that cannot handle these files (it refuses to read floating point data, unlike every other system).

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I'm also thinking about using Ardour to record audio data from an A/D for audio signature research. How would one go about striping the header off the WAVE files in the interchange folder so that only the audio data remains? Could this be done crudely in a text editor?