Ardour 2.0.4 released

Squeaking just before of the end of July, the Ardour project brings you release 2.0.4 ( tarball, DMG to follow), another mix of important bug fixes with some great new features:

  • protect ardour from sessions with errant capture sources stored in the (pending) session state. This was a major bug that has affected many people over the last several releases. It is now fixed.
  • add Theme Manager, including new "light" theme
  • add delta-cursor option from trunk (allows clock to display the gap between the edit+playback cursors)
  • massively increase automation resolution
  • support for 16 bit native file format
  • stop audio clocks from vanishing when turned off
  • plugin selection dialog now has filtering by name, type, author and more
  • permit GUI user-driven add/remove of MIDI ports
  • fix for radio grouping of subframes menu options
  • fix crossfade editor-induced crashing
  • safeguard against false disk underruns when punching in
  • correctly save user-modified keybindings to ~/.ardour2/ardour.bindings
  • fixes for building against GTK-OSX (Ardour now builds and runs on OS X without X11 - this is a source code feature, the DMG for OSX will still use X11 for now)
  • lots and lots of work to the Mackie Control surface support (many small changes and incremental improvements)

Fixes and features this release from: Sampo Savolainen, Doug Mclain, Ben Loftis, John Anderson and your grunt, Paul Davis.

Superb work everyone!

Superb work everyone!

really fine news! “plugin

really fine news!
"plugin selection dialog now has filtering by name, type, author and more" - perfect :)