native vst support for ardour

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I was wondering whether it would be possible to get real vst support in ardour?
I just read in a review that LMMS has reverse-engineered vst code so LMMS can read vst plugins legally. Could ardour use that code since both are GPL?


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There are essentially no useful "native VST" plugins. Until there is some evidence that existing plugins will be ported and/or new plugins will be written using VST, this is a very, very, very low priority.

I know that the LMMS guys think that native VST is the wave of the future. I see no evidence of this at the present time.

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just use wineasio to run windows plugins in JACK.
Run it with Reaper and you'll have compatibility and low latency with nearly all Windows VST plugins. You can get latency as low as 2 to 10 ms.

Details are here:

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how do you suggest to get some easy to use yet powerful plugins like autotune, c4 compressor in ardour then?

thanks for the reaper tip btw #2

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@paul: It is NOT about native Linux VST like EnergyXT uses. It's about Ardour's support for Windows VST. There is already a thread about the VST headers used in LMMS:

@ondope: You can use SAVIHost instead of reaper:

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I'm not sure Antares or Waves plugins will work in Linux due to Ilok/Pace copy protection.

Also, native VST support in Ardour will require Antares/Waves to port their software to Linux.

The existing VST support via Wine is more likely to work, assuming the copy protection is happy.

Jamin can do somewhat the same thing as C4. I don't think there is a native autotune type plugin for Linux.

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In case anyone is still looking for a LADSPA autotune (vocoder) plugin that works in Ardour, Tom Baran recently released AutoTalent:

Works fairly well... I'm using it on 64-bit Ubuntu. I have experienced hard crashes of Ardour when using it on more than one track at once. Might just be me though.

Happy auto-tuning!