a bit more highlighting of objects in mixer or editor lists of objects

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Hey! wouldn't it be nice if tracks and busses listed in the mixer or editor window side frame were highlighted with different colors ? Or maybe they could have a customized color ? for exemple, I could assign orange to my drum group list so when I want to select (check) a given track in the list of track/busses, I would know that an orange one belong to the drum group, and so forth. But at least, I would find it helpful if track names and bus names were of different colors, or maybe a different frame would be easier ? It's because some of my sessions tend to become overcrowded with objects and lists are a bit tedious for my eyes to scan :D

I never dived into ardour's code, but being written in C++, I would assume each track or bus correspond to a class which has many private members (inherited or not), the name being one. Maybe the name itself is a member class whose attributes are customizable, so it would appear consistently everywhere in ardour ? what do I know ? ...