saved templates not loading correctly

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recently an issue arose with my saved templates. some options are not being loaded as they were saved in any, even a freshly created one. these specific options include: 'audio file format>data>24-bit....', 'monitoring>software mon....>(yes)', 'solo>show solo muting>(yes)', 'rec-enable stays engaged at stop>(yes)', 'always copy imported files>(no)', and also the 'auto input' button shows enabled, even if saved as disabled. i *think that is the extent; everything else seems to load correctly. any ideas on what could have happened, or what i can do to figure this out? the template files seem to have been saved correctly as they should, with all the options noted above. but on the start of a new session, opening any template loads the before mentioned options as their unsaved default settings. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) thanx!