Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 2nd Gen

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I open this thread for two purposes: First to ask for help getting my new 6i6 2nd Gen running (will send it back if I don't succeed) and second as a reference for people considering to buy one.

Here is what I can confirm to work:

  • All 6 ins and all 6 outs (tested S/PDIF by connecting in&out)
  • Gain knobs for in1/in2
  • 48V phantom power (powers in1 and in2)
  • Headphone 1 (plays sound of out1/2)
  • Headphone 2 (plays sound of out3/4)
  • Monitor Knob (controls out 1/2, but not headphone 1)
  • MIDI Led (blinks when midi data comes in, but not when data is sent out)

However, I cannot access the 6i6 2nd Gen internal settings, so that the following does not work:

  • INST and PAD settings for in1/in2
  • Internal mixer, e.g. for latency free monitoring or to route the out5/6 signals to headphone 2

Does anyone manage to access the internal settings? 

I'm currently using ArchLinux with a kernel 4.10.5 (SMP) on a Thinkpad X250. I use jack 0.125.0 and alsa-lib 1.1.3. Planning to switch to AVLinux for audio work.

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I just checked the most up to date Linux kernel and unfortunately the internal mixer of the 2nd generation Scarlett is not yet supported. I started reverse engineering the protocol some time ago in order to add this functionality to the Linux driver but this will definitely take some time.

As I need to change the internal mixer only rarely I just attach my 18i8 to a Windows system.

Regards, Arnd

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Hello, I also have the Scarlett 6i6 2nd Gen running on Linux and am very happy with it.

Out of the box all the input and outputs work on Linux BUT there are some strange choices of routing made by default. For example, It seems the main 1+2 outs are mirrored in the 3+4 outs. Maybe this was just my interface? Nobody else seems to have reported that.

Luckily any changes made to the HW routing are permanent, by that I mean they stay the same after turning the power on and off. Unfortunately this means you may need to boot into Windows to run the Focusrite control panel at least once to change the routing to your liking.

What i did was boot up on a Windows machine, load Focusrite control and simply select 'route audio directly' then quit. Then everything is set-up just how I want it, every input/output in ALSA/JACK maps perfectly to the hardware.

The only other thing that is not possible at the moment is to control input 1+2 INST/PAD settings in Linux. You can change them using Focusrite control in Windows, but you will need to boot into Windows again to change them back. Again, this is something I have no need to do other than once for my set-up.

I have read that people have had no luck running Focusrite control in Wine, or even in a virtual machine. It seems for now you need an actual Windows installation.

For me, I am 100% happy now I have changed the routing and won't need to boot into Windows again. I did a ridiculous amount of research before buying this interface, I don't think you will find anything that is going to work any better in Linux with this combination of ins/outs with this sound quality. The latency is also really low, perfect for softsynths. I think someone will update the kernel eventually so people can access the routing without a Windows machine.

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Hello there! Fellow 6i6 2nd gen user who is late to the party. I have set up the direct routing via the Focusrite Control in Windows. I am running Ardour on Mint and am using Cadence for managing JACK. So far things are going great except the monitoring. May I ask how you have that set up? It is my understanding that inputs 1&2 route directly to the headphone jack 1 and inputs 3&4 rout to the 2nd headphone jack. Am I mistaken?

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@Arnd: "I started reverse engineering the protocol some time ago in order to add this functionality to the Linux driver but this will definitely take some time."

How is the progress on this? I have the 6i6 but no access to a Windows computer.