Ardour Mixer Upgrade

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Will Ardour ever get a mixer update or upgrade, i like mixbus and i know they add their own mixer gui, but i would love to see ardour upgrade there mixer, especially the faders, i would love them to have traditional faders instead of the ones that they have now, will Ardour ever get around to this? even ardours input trim i wish it was more bigger and with a nicer gui.

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Upgrade? Ardour's mixer is based on workflow. It is seeing constant changes all the time. Mixbus is not an upgraded Ardour but another workflow that is helpful to people used to working with an analog studio. Ardour's audio does not change in sound from input to output unless the user adds a plugin to do so. Mixbus always changes the sound in some way to make it sound as close as possible to an analog studio. In some ways Ardour is already more flexible than Mixbus, uses less cpu in most cases. But one is not better than the other. The use case for each is different and the GUI reflects that. It is not wrong to use Ardour for one part of the production process and then mixbus for another.

The Ardour faders are actually already quite traditional. the gain curve on the faders is based on some of the best analog faders out there. The look and feel of Ardour's faders is already a design decision. Much of the design is based on the comments of people who are used to other professional mixing consoles, both analog and digital for both live and studio work.

The words you have used: "upgrade", "nicer", "bigger" are very much personal ideas. Making Ardour look like mixbus would not be an upgrade for a lot of people. Nicer is very subjective, what you feel is nicer maybe someone else's worst nightmare. The mixer (and transport for that matter) are already crowded and making some element bigger just means something that someone finds useful goes away. In order to use the trim, the mouse just has to start on the trim. moving the mouse from side to side or up and down even outside the trim widget will still adjust the trim just fine. (the trim on mixbus looks about the same size to me BTW)