Binding MIDI controller Novation Launchpad Mini MKII

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Ardour 5.12.0

I am trying to make a MIDI bindings map for Novation Launchpad Mini MKII, but I am getting no reaction from the transport controls.

Here's my MIDI binding map so far, very simple:

<ArdourMIDIBindings version="1.0.0" name="Novation LaunchPad Mini MKII">
<!-- Transport controls -->
<Binding channel="1" ctl="109" function="transport-start"/>
<Binding channel="1" ctl="110" function="transport-stop"/>

Here I'm trying to map 2 controller buttons to the transport. I've traced the input in HEX code and converted them to decimals as this guide suggests:

I've picked my map in the generic MIDI protocol settings, and even restarted Ardour. Running it from commandline gives me no errors, the log is clean too.

I am getting reactions from the Launchpad, I can play MIDI notes, and it's routed to the Ardour MIDI control in.

Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?

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What data does the Launchpad send from the buttons you are using, on press and on release?

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Controller button down: Controller 7f
Controller button up: Controller 00

Note button down: NoteOn 7f
Note button up: NoteOff 40

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I'm new to Ardour and just about to get Launchpad Mini, and I stumbled upon this topic while searching for info on compatibility of those.
So if you didn't give up, I might be able to join your effort, if you like. :)

Back to your question, as far as I understand, the two functions you picked might look like they do nothing. "transport-start" moves the playhead to the start marker, rather than starts rolling ("transport-roll"). Maybe that's the problem?

I found a Launchpad MK2 programmers reference guide but there seems to be none for Mini. Oh well.