#ardour IRC channel web access restored

There is currently a massive, widespread and long-lived spam attack taking place against Freenode, who run the IRC channels we use to discuss Ardour, provide support and chat among developers and users.

After several days, Freenode has been unable to stop the flow of spam, which comes every few minutes and is at risk of destroying the #ardour channel's usability.

Until they have found some way to stop the problem, the #ardour channel is being set to require an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection, which will prevent any access via the web-based interface that this page and Ardour itself links to. You can still access #ardour as usual with an actual IRC client.

Thanks to Julien Rivaud, we now have a bot monitoring our IRC channels, and it is taking care of any further spam of this type. The bot will make other things possible in the future too.

Web access restored.