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for those of you that do require a low latency for your audio routeing, a little known tool called irqballance may help significantly. If i am correct, Fedora Core comes with irqballance daemon pre-installed and I installed it with apt in my debian lenny system, no problem.

For anyone who is wondering, this isn't the "IRQ ballanceing" option which can be set inside a kernel configuration, that is a deff taboo for low latency. This irqballance is a dameon separate fromt the kernel that helps with irq "prioritizeing"

more info: http://irqbalance.org/

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Okay .. I've read through.. I'm not sure I can see how this will impact latency. Can you explain a strategy to implement on a single socket dual, triple or quad core cpu that reduces latency... How to implement this would be useful too.. I get great performance already when using under 40% of DSP (CPU core that is being utilised by Ardour for audio).. but would love to extend this to over 50% if possible...

BTW my studio computer is only on when I am using the studio, powersaving is not a consideration..