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Luke MacNeil
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Does anyone have any LADSPA Reverb presets? I'm having a real hard time creating good reverb sounds on my own. I've been using the Tap Reverb.

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i've had some luck with freeverb if i add a little bit of chorus. seems a little goofy; but, it's produced some okay results. the problem i've had is that most of the open souce reverbs have not sounded especially 'warm'. don't have any presets; but, i tend to just fiddle about until i get some okay results. i generally use jackrack to layer effects before routing into ardour.

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A Virtual Room with Reverbs is a pretty good article. It is for beginners and tries to explain each parameters of an average reverb plugin and how it relates to a real room.

My own little advice: When you think you have just enough reverb, you already have too much.

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Chorus on reverb is not goofy at all, plenty of people do that.

Two things I often do with freeverb are:

1) Put a single delay in front of it. Freeverb lacks a built-in predelay, but you can easily add one with a separate plugin. Set the delay for 100% wet, 0% dry, and adjust the delay time to taste. Maybe 20 ms is a good starting point.

2) Lowpass filter on the output. Freeverb can be pretty bright. A lowpass filter really takes the edge off and mellows it out.


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It's implied by the other posts here, but I'll state it explicitly for anybody who may still be trying to figure it out: it's usually a good idea to use a send/return setup for reverb rather than placing it in-line on a track; one of the reasons for this is so that you can do fun things to it without affecting the dry signal. Beyond the previously mentioned pre-delay and some eq, there are some other things you can do to make cheap (in terms of processor cycles, I mean) reverb sound nicer, or just more interesting:

The Transient Mangler plugin, when properly adjusted (I forget at the moment just what adjustments, it's an odd plugin ;) softens the sharp attack of percussive sounds, which is the part that gives many reverbs trouble, so putting this in front of one can help smooth things over.

Something like the TAP Tube Warmth plugin can also absorb some transients if you drive it hard, and generates some nice tonality in the process, so that's another fun thing to put in front of a reverb. It will also add some slight compression of loud signals, which effectively makes quieter portions of music a little more reverb-y - sometimes a nice, subtle effect.

I guess you could always feed one flavor of reverb into another one to add more diffusion and pre-delay, too, if you can spare the processor power...

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To return to the general topic:

does anyone have any presets? for beginners its really hard without.