Ardour doesn't save plugin settings for session?

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Using both the 2.4 intel version and the 2.4.1 update, when I load up a plugin (AU), fiddle with the settings, save the session, then load the session back up, the settings for the plugin have been reset to the defaults. Ardour won't save the settings I adjusted for the plugin. I figured I'd post here if it was something I was doing (like some option I didn't select correctly); is that the case, a glitch, or just a feature that hasn't really evolved yet?

I'm running Ardour 2.4 (it happens on the 2.4.1, but that version is crashy for me so I don't use it, only for testing problems) on a MacBook Pro Intel 2.4ghz 2g ram running OS X Tiger 10.4.11.

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AU plugin settings are not currently saved. Scheduled for 2.6.