how do I change gtk theme to the system default?

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well the title says it all :)
is there a way to force ardour to use the default system gtk theme?

if no how do I change the font size? thanks very much

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menu->window->preferences->misc. tab->font scaling


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you almost certainly do not want the system default theme. ardour relies on the use of color to indicate various states (rec-enable, solo, mute etc) that become VERY much less obvious with the system theme(s). if you would prefer a lighter theme, go to Windows -> Theme Manager and switch it there.

if you do want the system default theme, you will need to set the environment variable ARDOUR2_UI_RC to /dev/null.

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Where exactly do you change this variable? I want to give it a try and see what it looks like. If I like it, then I'll start using it from the start to get used to the colors and if doesn't work out, I can always switch to the default.

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I'm as well interested in this. Where are you supposed to set this variable?