Ardour On Puppy Linux

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Hi There...

I'd LOVE to see Ardour on Puppy Linux as soon as possible.

Please make it happen !!!

toni S / Finland.

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you should be requesting this in the puppy linux' forums, ardour devs don't make distribution packages.


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Hello All!

You wanna Ardour on Puppy Linux? No need to compile ('cause it looks creep)?

It's easy guys:

- Prepare Puppy Linux 4.1.2

- Download Ardour (and its dependencies) in debian packages from (choose hardy release).

- If all be ready, extract such debian packages while you running Puppy from CD.
Puppy Linux should have be able to open debian packages.

- Save Puppy session in 2fs format and restart PC.

- Run again Puppy, and it should also automatically load *.2fs or puppy session file.

- Next or finally, remaster this Puppy in which currently running with installed Ardour.

- Hi, don't forget about configuring /etc if you asked by the pup-remaster, in case if you bypass this, Ardour won't start with such new remastered Puppy.


Hei, I have successfully made Puppy Linux + Ardour compilation and distribute it for Indonesian users. That's way I share this experience... perhaps useful.