Ardour 0.99.3 released

Continuing in the tradition of releasing stability fixes for the gtk1-based Ardour, here is 0.99.3.

This version includes:

  • Now provide Universal Mac OS X binary release
  • Playlist copies and now retain crossfades and layering
  • Splitting regions retain crossfades and fades and resulting regions will stay on the original layer
  • Fixed various splitting issues involving both layering and crossfades
  • Correct gain in tracks with no panners (or panner disable)
  • Fixed possible non-RT behavior when stopping record
  • Compile fixes for MacIntel
  • Various marker undo fixes
  • Fixes to region normalize on Mac platform
  • Small fix to how sound files are repaired after a crash while recording
  • Fixed silence issue with inserts
  • New templates will be visible in the new session dialog (without restarting ardour)
  • MacOSX 10.4 (universal)
  • MacOSX 10.3
  • Source

Great product

Ardour is a great product and what makes it better is the frequent releases. These fixes sorts out all those irritating and not so nice issues, as well as some nasty ones.... But since they come out fearly often, it is great to download the newest version on the Mac and keep having fun. Thanks for all the effort at keeping Ardour my favourite.

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The Ardour Digital Audio

The Ardour Digital Audio Workstation is an Open Source Mac OS X (and Linux) application that is a multichannel audio editor. Its web site says it has unlimited undo and redo, unlimited tracks, timecode synchronization, and bunch of other high-end (IMHO) audio editing features.

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This application is really

This application is really good if you are digital video jockey.. kind of a person.. I will try downloading it today..

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