What's up with Ardour on OS X

Many OS X users are anxiously awaiting a binary release of 2.5 for their platform. I thought I should update everyone on the situation there.

There is now a totally alpha-test-build available to verify that we're back to at least reasonable functionality. Details in the IRC channel as normal.

For better or for worse, I upgraded my version of the GTK GUI toolkit on OS X to keep up with the many subtle (and not so subtle) improvements to the way that GTK works on OS X. After several days of wrangling with a major blocking bug (GTK could no longer load PNG image files used for icons and more), I got Ardour to build and run. However, it is substantially less stable than the 2.4.1 release, and most of the reasons appear to have to do with changes inside GTK itself.

We have a difficult situation with GTK in that few of the core GTK development team use GTK on OS X and there is a tendency for them to introduce new features/improvements/changes without verifying that things work. This is really as it should be, given that we are using an unreleased development version of the toolkit. However, I am having to give some serious thought to how we (the Ardour project) can use a version of GTK that is both stable and yet still benefits from new work done on the OS X specifics. I have spent too much time resolving issues with build systems and untested GTK code when I'd rather be making Ardour itself a better program.

It may be that I can get things working reasonably well within a few days - I will keep you all posted one way or another.

I hope the work on OSX is

I hope the work on OSX is not affecting the pace of ardour’s development for linux. I am really amazed by what efforts you devs are producing to get ardour to work on alternative OS’s. Thanks!!!