"glue" together takes to a uniform wav

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I have a vocal track that is made up of a few different takes. Is there a way to combine the takes, to glue them together so to speak, to one track?

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edit it until it sounds right (crossfades between different takes ...) and then re-record onto a new track with the input set to the original track. Known as "bouncing" the track.

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Try the new(ish) 'consolidate range' function. Use the range tool to select the regions you want to consolidate, right-click and select 'consolidate range'. The new region will be the length of the selected region. This new feature works really well.

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I wanted to do the same with a beat, but nothing happens - Ardour 2.5.
I select the Regions (the white-Box-Selection-thing selects over all Tracks), i Right-Click, i see the Options, i click on "consolidate range" - nothing happens. No new Region in the Region-List, nothing.
Where do i find the consolidated region?

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To consolidate a range first you have to select the desired track by clicking below the horizontal fader.

Easier: If you want to consolidate regions select the regions and right-click: Selected Regions -> Set range selection. Right click again and consolidate range.

As far as I understand, consolidate a range is like re-record or bounce inside the same track. The level is taken into account so don't forget to set the track fader to 0 dB if you just want to make a region from two or more without changing the level.

I like this new feature!

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Thanks@Pablo, that worked fine.
I thought i could consolidate several Tracks into one, but seems only to work for one Track at a time.
I played around with it a bit now and i like it too, but i now realized that the same thing i tried a few days ago now works fine, that is strange - so consolidating didn't work the last time i had the program running, but now it works fine.
So, as far as consolidating is concerned i am happy now ;)
For more Problems check my other Threads ;))

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Thanks @Mattb. You just saved my brain from exploding and my computer from being smashed in a rage :D