64bit ready?

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Is ardour ready for 64bit environment?
I got a AMD64, and is pondering installing a 64bit distro, but I don't really know how this will affect my setup of alsa/jack/ardour etc...

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

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ardour was ready for 64 bit environments 2 years ago. it has been run on opterons, dual opterons and other 64 bit platforms by many people.

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An easy way to get started is to download 64studio (www.64studio.com)

It has all the basics (RT/ALSA/JACK/Ardour/JAMIN/Muse/Rosegarden) working right out of the box.

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Looks interesting, I will definitely have look at that
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I can testify -- got AMD64-FX55 a while ago on dual PCI-X (for 4-screens) around summar last year... Installed SLAMD64 (64-bit distro based off Slackware) 10.2 -- compiled everything from scratch and no problems with anything Ardour, Jack, LADSPA, plugins, (etc.) -- Even ran UT2004-amd64 to benchmark.

I did switch back to 32-bit because of the lack of 3rd party 64-bit FireFox plugins and ins
talling a duplicate set of 32-bit libs (32-bit FireFox, and the rest from Pango, expat, libICE, etc... as well as re-bit gnu ld/libc stuff) -- started taking more memory

And running even one app in 32-bit on an AMD64 bit machine with Linux kernel (that has 32-bit support enabled) slows things down. (the whole system)

BTW> UT2004 (32-bit) benchmarks where about the same (no big difference, within 0.2%)...

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Totally off topic, but there is a plugin for firefox/mozilla/netscape to act as an adapter between 64 bit broswers and 32 bit plugins

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See http://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=1124


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Now am using ardour. But it was ok. May be a solution is around in near future.
will except soon :)

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Nope... not as far as I know. I run a 64 bit distro, however, to be able to use any 32 bit plugins within firefox (flash player, for example), it's necessary to run a 32 bit browser instead of the 64 bit version.

Simply run the firefox 32 bit binary. Then you can use any 32 bit plugins with it.