Ardour 3 crashes upon midi playback

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OK, so I FINALLY was able to successfully compile and Debian-ize Ardour 3. But, now whenever I try to play back MIDI, Ardour 3 immediately crashes. Don't know what would be helpful to provide to help diagnose this problem, but I'm not sure if its a bad settings selection or what. Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

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Hello to All the Devolopers,
I love Ardour and have decided to come back to it as my main Audio and now Midi Sequencer. I have many difficulties with Ardour, between source code and bugs, and losing my artistic inspiration while trying to hack a program to life, If you don't mind- I am an artist and not so inclined to the regular level of brilliance to deal with Linux at the technical level.
If and when I get Ardour 3 running as a user friendly music recording program and not a royal pain than I would gladly donate a nice lump sum for all of the developers hard work. As I find it, there is not much help in the communities and I seem to be stuck deciffering a new learning curve with a foriegn language. There is allot that I want and need to do with Ardour. I really hope to get it going and not have to go back to tape decks and cheezy software that you pay for anyway or use as demos and not get to save material, etc.
So for now I will download it again and hopefully not find myself in front of the 4 track tape decks in the end.
Thank You all for the making of an amazing system and I hope to be able to get on board with this.

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You seem to think for some reason Ardour3 is meant to be used for any project at this point, it isn't. It is very much in development and the only people that should be using it are those that are doing testing for bugs and crashes, NOT people intent on doing any sort of work in it as there have been many bugs and still are possibilities of many bugs involving data loss as its development continues.

So if you are intent on doing work, Ardour2 is your only option. Not sure why you would think there is no help i the community when dealing with Ardour2, as not only are there these forums, there are mailing lists(Ardour-Users) and the IRC channel that is easily gotten to by simply going to Help>Chat in Ardour2.

Note that you will not get much help with Ardour3 as it is considered part of the test to see if you should be running it(As in are capable of testing patches and submitting meaningful bug reports), to see if you can compile it. If you can't compile it, you certainly shouldn't be running Ardour3 at this point, wait for it to be released or at LEAST in beta stage(Though even then I would say you should only be using it for testing).