Ardour <> M-Audio NRV 10 For Radio live

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I work for free in a french radio.
I use a NRV 10 Mixer in analog=

2 weeks ago I buy a macbook pro unibody 4gRam, 2*2.53 Proc

I use Ardour for mix my 8 Nrv10 analog track and add plugin (Vst Au).
But i don't realy understand the rooting in ardour

If somebody use Ardour with NRV10 i am realy happy to have some info

Thanks my Breda !

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You should ask a more specific question. What do you not understand? What would you like to do that you do not understand how to do?

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Salut !!
Forum en francais sur linux et la mao + plein d'infos sur linuxmao

Hey !!
Forums in french and a lot of informations on linuxmao

Bienvenue sur ardour en tous cas, c'est un excellent logiciel. Attention sur ardour 2.7.1 les plugins AU ne sont pas encore fonctionnels, et les VST ne marcheront pas. Par contre il y des feintes possibles ;-)