Talented Audio Programmer Seeks Work

(slight edit for clarification) SAE have informed me that although their plans for Ardour have not changed, their sponsoring of Ardour development will stop at this time. This puts me (Paul, Ardour's lead developer) in the position of being paid solely by the donations and subscriptions made by the Ardour community. This is currently insufficient to support myself, let alone my family, so I am obviously looking for other opportunities to earn a living. Although I intend to try to improve the revenue that Ardour itself generates, this is unlikely to be sufficient for some time to come. I am therefore in a position to serve as consultant/contractor on other projects, and will be happy to handle inquiries about this via email (paul@linuxaudiosystems.com). I intend to continue doing some work on Ardour to provide support and continuing incentives to those who are already paying for that via donations & subscriptions.

According to this german

According to this german website
(http://www.linux-community.de/Internal/Nachrichten/Update-Ardour-in-finanziellen-Schwierigkeiten), SAE stated the following:

"SAE was and remains a keen supporter of the open source community and the Ardour project. However the idea was not to make endless financial contributions. Instead we intended to kickstart Ardour OSX to a level, which allowed SAE to push it out to the schools and students, thus increasing the userbase to a point when it starts carrying itself and the further development of the project.
Further more we are inches away from a new SAE release we are confident in using and promoting.
For now SAE will suspend financial support and focus on promotion of the new Ardour OSX version (see Musikmesse Frankfurt, Recording Magazine and SAE Magazine ....)
Now it is to be seen if our goals can be reached. If so SAE might resume the support once the economic climate improves."

If that is accurate, then
1. SAE has a problem with communication (since it seems like they dropped the support from one day to the other, they could have planned this much better to smoothen the transition)
2. What are they thinking? "... a point when it starts carrying itself"?

Well, I guess we are all just disappointed. Cause at least SAE supported Ardour for some time!
I guess everyone's sick of the dependence on a single corporation, so subscribe & donate!

Btw libsndfile 1.0.18 is out, so this build requirement for Ardour3 shouldn't be a problem anymore.

Hey Paul I recommended you

Hey Paul

I recommended you to a small audio hardware company, however being small they can't take you on at the moment.

If you can't eat or have to worry how to make ends meet, then I can't imagine you will be able to be very productive.

’Further more we are

'Further more we are inches away from a new SAE release we are confident in using and promoting.'

Why not ask them to say what state they are thinking the new SAE release should have? Why don't they promise a amount of money when that state is reached?

And why not sponsor it till then with a smaller amount of money instead of stopping it?

rozea, that information is

rozea, that information is being exchanged in private emails between myself and my contacts at SAE.

Hi, Paul and your team.

Hi, Paul and your team. Your work is absolutely necessary to GNU/Linux. This is something that Linus Thorvald, Mike Shuttleworth and people like they, should know. I work in a third world tiny advertising agency. I have GNU/Linux in my desktop by my own, and I'm using it to work with any complaints. I'm a copywriter but, sometimes, to do rafts of radio commercials, I use Ardour and I know its power and potential. Actually I have recommended it to our radio studio provider. I have made a low cost subscription, and I'm trying to convince mine bosses to make a donation or a full subscription.
Thank you and I hope the community will understand how relevant your contribution is.

Santiago from Argentina.

PS: If you want it, I can donate my services if you need to do some kind of advertising (creativity).

Ardour is the single

Ardour is the single application that cemented my stay on the Linux platform. In fact, I deleted my Windows partition because of redundancy, a few weeks after using Ardour in Fedora. It's one hell of a program, and I'm super thankful that it exists.

I'm a subscriber, and I don't plan on halting my subscription any time soon. If I ever become a full-time artist, I'd fully aid Ardour and its development.

Hope SAE's ceased sponsorship won't be a big drawback in the long term.

I’d like to make a

I'd like to make a contribution, too. Is there any way to do this without Paypal and from outside the States?