How do you pronounce "Ardour": US English version

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At the risk of seeming trivial, I have been noticing that podcasters in the US tend to say something like "ar-DEW-er". I had just assumed that "Ardour" was the international spelling of "ardor", and have pronounced it accordingly. I am guessing this is how Canadians would say it. I am wondering if Paul has a preference, and if any podcasts exist of him saying it? I could not turn anything up on Google.

That said, in the spirit of open source, I think people should pronounce it any way they want. There are a _lot_ of variants of Ubuntu. But I would hate for an American pronounciation to be based on confusion about that "u" that we leave out when we write words like ardor, color, and endeavor.

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We Canadians actually say Ardour-eh?

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Similarly to what Linus has released about the pronounciation of his kernel, perhaps there should be an .ogg on this site with:
"My name is Paul Davis and I pronounce Ardour as 'Ardour'" :)

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I probably say Are-Duh most of time, but Are-Door seems common too.

If you want to mispronounce it, Our-DAW.

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ardour, (US) ardor /'ɑ:rdər / || /'ɑ:də(r)/ n uncountable (liter) (zeal) fervor m, ardor m;
(love) pasión f

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if you put "our Digital Audio Workstation" in the esperanto translator ( comes this:

nia diĝita aŭdio laborstacio


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ardour session exchange should go up somewhere where everybody can speak their version on it

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First of all, are you *the* Paul? I.e., Paul Davis?

Do you speak a variety of English that usually drops "r" sounds at the ends of words? If so, you will also say many other words differently than I do. That makes this simple question a little sticky. To help me get this clear in my mind, do you also pronounce the word "ardor" as are-duh?

Trying to spell exact pronunciations without some agreed-upon transcription scheme doesn't give a lot of clarity. I second the notion that you link a little .ogg file on the site.

--another Paul

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Okay - one for the word-mages ;)

It is Art-Officialy pronounced like in

  • Hardcore without H and without C, so: 'ard'ore
  • Use it to make "Art or" something else
  • Open the Art-Door so you can see the source
  • I opened "a door" that i never could close again
  • J'adore Ardour (french-fried-stylee)
  • R2
  • R2 Dour Two.

But i have to admit "Are-Duh" and "Our-DAW" are already wonderfool and hard to top ;)