Ardour changes JACK connections?

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I have installed Ubuntu Studio on brand new hardware.
If I start JACK through QjackCtl, and opens the connections window, it shows me a system node, and 8 Input and 8 Output connections, and sound does not work..
If I start Ardour, the conections-window in QjackCtl shows Ardour, and then only 2 inputs and 2 outputs, and sound works fine.
In other words, I can only make JACK work when I have Ardour running.
Does anyone know what Ardour does to JACK?
Kind regards
Anders Winthereik

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I'm guessing when you start Ardour you haven't started jack using qjackctl but let Ardout do it, right?
You probably have some weird setting in qjackctl. Try removing your ~/.jackdrc and see if things work better.