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Hello there,

I recently emerged (that's what Gentooists say for "installed") version 0.99.3 which is the latest one available for Gentoo.

The user interface switched from greyish to black. I wouldn't say I don't like it, I'd say it is exhausting and difficult to work with it for me!

I figured out that there is the file /etc/ardour/ardour_ui.rc but there's oh so many color values to change there!

So what to do about this? Is it possible to just use an old version of that .rc file and if so, could somebody give me a link, possibly to the SVN repository where I can get it. (I'm a SVN user, but I'm not at all familiar with it.)

For the future: What about switching color profiles? There might be several ardour_ui.rc and a little window to chose one profile that fits one's needs.

Thanks for your support. Now off for Linux Sampler. (If only this MIDI interface had been shipped already...)



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You could try this ugly theme I hacked up:

Put it in ~/.ardour/ardour_ui.rc

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I'm working no some tweaks on the ardour_ui.rc file. The Idea is that if you have no ardour_ui.rc, the colors will be the ones from your default gtk theme.

It's not bad, but it also means that the record button, once pressed will not blink red. My idea is to make a minimalist ardour_ui.rc that keeps your themes color, while also keeping those special items like the blinking record button, the right font size so everything fits in a normal window, and all the other ardour specific widget color issues.

If anyone wants to give a hand, I'll post it here when it starts looking like something nice.

Marc-Olivier Barre,
Kinoko en Orbite

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Hi, did you run your idea ?