Another Year Over (and what have I done) ...

Its hard to keep track of everything that happened to Ardour and to me and my family over the last year, but one thing I do know is that its been a year since I last raced the American Triple T near Portsmouth, OH. This last (US Memorial Day) weekend I returned there for a 3rd time, this time with my wife racing as well. This is a unique event that involves 4 triathlons in 3 days: a very short sprint race on Friday evening, 2 olympic distance races (1500m swim/40km bike/10k run) on Saturday and then a half-iron race (1.2 mile swim/55.5 mile bike/13.1 mile run) on Sunday. Even though Ardour 3.0 is not released yet, I take some comfort from gaining another 7-8 minutes over my time from 2008, and in more difficult conditions.Here's the annual breakdown:

2007: 26:53 / 2:45:53 / 2:51:56 / 6:17:44 / total: 12:22:27
2008: 25:57 / 2:31:11 / 2:45:20 / 5:56:41 / total: 11:39:08
2009: 25:44 / 2:30:34 / 2:42:41 / 5:52:21 / total: 11:31:20

My wife had a great first time at TTT, though her final run fell apart a bit. She finished in 12:09 total to place 2nd among masters (40+) women, with very little long distance training.

Time now to get back to work on Ardour 3.0 (and the 2.8.1 bugfix release).

Footnote: the following weekend, I followed up the same I did last year - with another half-iron distance race called "Black Bear". Last year (2008) I got 3rd in age group, and 42nd overall. This year I managed 2nd in age group and 33rd overall, total time of 5:20:18 Your doctor recommends at least a half-iron every weekend ....

Nice race experience you have

Nice race experience you have there mate. Congratulations!


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Congrats Lads...

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