New MacBook Pro

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Just got a new MacBook Pro and thinking of putting Ardour on it.

Is anyone having success running on OS X 10.5.7 to the extent that you get work done.

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I am running Ardour on a Apple XServer running OSX Server 10.5.4.
I am also running Ardour on a MacBook pro v1 that is running OSX 10.5.8 with no issues.

Should work fine for you, but I would suggest using the prebuilt binary installer, since I can tell you that after 3 hours of trying to build Ardour from source for OSX, I was about ready to headbutt my monitor ... (jk)!


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I just finished up two projects in the past two weeks or so on 10.5 with Ardour. It is perfectly capable of being used to work.


PS Yep building Ardour on OS X sucks, part of why we don't reccomend it for most people;)

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I just got mac book pro 2.53 ghz and ardour says something like "disk system not fast enough to read" when i try to play back simple recording. any idea what i should do?

i installed jack and that seems to be working fine

thanks for any help!