Demo Recorded with Ardour

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In you can download the demo (6 songs) of a Spanish band called "La Barca de Sua". This demo was completely recorded in Ardour, with the only exception of some Post-production effects.

This group have won one of the main music competition in our region ("Espacio Libre" from Granada - Andalucia - Spain). We hope you enjoy listening it.

I was the sound engineer, so I would like thanks development team for this nice tool. I look forward the released of Ardour2. With this experience I decided to mount my home studio just with Linux tools. I'll keep you informed about future project.


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I can't figure out where to download the songs. The navigation consists of a compass like animation with no apparent links.

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You'll get to a form where you need to enter your name and email, then click on "acceder a la música".

Diego, this stuff rocks! really good music. I have familly in Barcelona. My cousin has been sending me Spanish music for years, awesome music scene you guys have.