Is Surround supported by Ardour (or will it be in the near future?)

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Arno Peeters
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Topic says all: Is Surround supported by Ardour (or will it be in the near future?)
I'm getting tired of Avid/Digi that ty to hold off this option in the Protools LE systems, expecting a project-studio owner to drop another 7k$ for surround panning.

It would be wonderful if surround (panning) is available within or for Ardour...

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In ardour you are absolutely free to route your session in any way you want to. You can either make 5.1 outputs in the master bus, or create a send setup to do even more complex mixing.

Ardour doesn't really-really support this yet though. Our "puck" styled multipanner might not work for you, and ardour doesn't "naturally" export anything else than mono or stereo files.

However, all of this can be circumvented. You can route output to track inputs, do the mixdown on these tracks (arm the tracks and record all the way through the song), and grab the resulting soundfiles from the session directory.

Currently our prioirity is getting 2.0 to at least the level of usability and stability that 0.99.3 is. After that, we need to take a look and choose the features we want to implement. Voicing out your opinion helps!

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... then paste them back together in another editor that can handle multi-track. SND can do this, or if you know SuperCollider, it is pretty quick to read in any number of stereo or mono files, and write out a new file in the format you need.


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