What projects are you guys working on with ardour?

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Video post-production - Ardour + XJadeo
Voice over/track recording - narrations, auditions
Hydrogen Programming

Matt Francomb
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Currently working on a blues sampler EP for a friend's 3-piece. Five days' tracking just completed, down to mixing now. This is my first serious look at Ardour 3 - no real problems so far, just a bit of confusion from time to time! I don't need MIDI, so perhaps I should have stuck with Ardour2 for familiarity's sake, but I was eager to try it out...

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I have been using Ardour as live mixer on a few gigs with my band. Currently I use Ardour mostly to mix and export the tracks from our gigs. I always record them, for partly for fun but also to help us improve our performance before next gig. I also try to make my own music but never manage to finish anything.