Full Screen Mixerwindow for every 8 Channel (like the ardour/harrison software) with client for other daw's like cubase/nuendo

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The engineers in my studio are using different daw software like Nuendo, Cubase, ProTools, Logic...

Iam using an old analog desk (harrison 4032). And it would be cool to have 3 sperate TFT displays (they're just cheap these days) where 8 channels can be displayed.
The display should be able to show the trackname, vu meters and the position of the fader for example.
This is already possible with hardware like the mackie control - it would be cool ot have this as a software.

Everyone could use any daw on a pc for example. Over Midi or network its possible to send the information about trackname to another computer (the ardour computer) with 3 TFTs.
I could easily build 3 TFTs into the desk which have the same size than 8 channels, so 3 TFTs can show 24 channels. There are so many tft's out there which will fit to the exact size of 8 channels for every analog console.

Behringer for example has a software window which shows the same information like the mackie control (HUI mode). So this is possible. Would be cool to have this feature.


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(sigh, it seems i forgot to publish my answer after the preview, here is it what i said)

May be its possible to do a software remote GUI with some prototyping multimedia languages like PureData or Processing ? Ardour can handle MIDI and Osc protocoles but i don't know if they can transmit the level of the vu-meters. It shouldn't be *that* hard to do (and potentially interesting since theses languages can communicate with a lot of devices). On the other hand you can buy a big monitor since a 24" (1920x1200) can display 20 (normal) or 38 (narrow) tracks/busses. They aren't that expensive theses days. Although, i admit that 24" fails short to be the ideal wideness and i have frequently to narrow the mixer strips (a 30" would be my personal fav).

Somehow related, it could be nice as well to have some little management features for tracks. Logic audio for instance introduced long time ago folder for tracks. But this was for the editor. Another possibility concerning the mixer is some tabs like Firefox, you would group some tracks to a tab (instead of web pages). Then each tab would allow you to see a specific choice of tracks/busses.

This is not what you asked but it would add some flexibility, specially when you are stuck with a little display.