Ardour Setup Images

Lets collect some photographs of Ardour setups, perhaps with info on the other gear you're using it with. It doesn't have to be fancy - anything that might help convince others that Ardour might be a useful tool for them. You can include a link to a small photo in an <img> tag, and then include the text of the full link - I or someone will convert into a proper link later. First up, Niels Ott in Tübingen, Germany

Niels Ott's Ardour setup

Band comes to my place for a

Band comes to my place for a first try out at recording and to start practicing using "music-minus-one". This is a proof-of-concept, so equipment was definitely at a budget.
-- An older PC 3-core AMD and 8Gb RAM, Ubuntu Studio, realtime kernel, Ardour.
-- M-audio Delta 66 picked up used
-- Lexicon 550 stereo digital effect box we had lying around serves as an external A/D converter for the digital inputs of the M-audio card.
Which gives a total of 6 analog inputs.
-- Alesis Multimix 6 CUE (bought new for the occasion) for headphones with individual volume control each.
-- 80s Sansui AU-D33 integrated stereo amplifier with my old TDL RTL 2 loudspeakers for listening to the mix

An old mono mixer/amplifier serves as a mixer for the drummer so we can mix 3 microphones for the drums onto one track, plus a separate track for the bass drum. Bass player, guitar player and keyboard go directly line in into the M-audio. One track left for vocals.

We plugged in, adjusted levels and ... GO. Recorded sound quality was surprisingly good. Clear and live sounding.

Studio Cita Del Rock : France

Studio Cita Del Rock : France (Sisteron)
Dream Studio 64
Ardour 3.1
2 monitors Mackie HR624 + 1sub JBL "control SB-5"
RME Hammerfall HDSP Multiface II
ADAT ext. Focusrite Octopre MK2
preamps M-AUDIO Octane (8 ch.)
4 headphones Channels, mixed by Yamaha RM800 console
Control suface Mackie Control Universal + 2 extenders (through ESI "M8Uxl")

Many thanks to dev team !!

is the picture been removed?

is the picture been removed?

I've been using Ardour since

I've been using Ardour since 2008, mainly to record songs of the bands where I've been playing the guitar.

This is the gear that I am currently using for my home recordings:

  • Acer Laptop with Intel i7 processor and 8GB of RAM.
  • Presonus 44VSL audio interface.
  • Lexicon Omega (Now I use it only as a Headphones amplifier when I am recording a drummer or something like that).
  • ART V3 preamp.
  • Line6 POD, but I prefer to record also from a real amp and then mix both signals..
  • Alesis M1 active monitors.
  • M-Audio oxygen 49 midi keyboard.
  • Mics: Studioprojects B1, T-bone em700, Sennheiser e835, AKG D11.

About software, now I am using KXStudio. Very good distro, although I don't like KDE so much.

This is a list of the applications that I use most:

  • Ardour 3, of course!
  • The SWH, Invada and Calf plugin suites. Can't live without a SC4 and Triple Band Parametric inserted on almost every channel.
  • Renoise, for all the electronic stuff, sequencing drums, bass, pads, etc.
  • ZynAddSubFx for all synths sounds. Very good sounding and very powerful synth.
  • Audacity, Hydrogen, QSynth are very useful tools also.

I've found that Ardour/Renoise combination is very,very powerful, I am really happy with it!

I hope my message can be useful to someone. :-)

Ardours' base camp pictures

Ardours' base camp pictures with Tannoy monitors & wonderful mosaic logo have disappeared ?