Is the install file for OS X PPC G4 Corrupt?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm relatively new to Ardour,and I thought that I'd try installing it on my Powermac G4,here are the specs for my Mac G4 :

CPU: G4 450Mhz PPC

OS: OS X 10.4.11 Tiger

Ram: 512Mb

Hard Drives: X1 120 Gb IDE System Drive
X1 40Gb IDE Audio Drive

No sound card installed,using integrated on board sound.

Basically,my problem is this,I downloaded the install file,put it on my system drive,and when I click on the icon,nothing happens,I tried the suggested fix for this,did not solve the problem,so I'm wondering if the file has been corrupted,
when I download it,the file size is 24Mb.

I really would like to get it up and running on my Mac so any and all help would be much appreciated,thanks in advance.

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Have you installed Jack- the audio router Ardour depends on.

Also be sure to do a software updating of OSX.


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@drnomis: you should start up Application->Utilities->Console and watch/paste the output you see there when trying to start Ardour.