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I am about to install FC5 + Planet CCRMA with ardour and the works. I have had trouble with KDE and sound before and I want to clarify if there are any issues that I should be aware of relating to KDE taking over the sound.

Should I disable some KDE settings relating to sound? Are there any specific considerations here or can I just run jack and all will be well straight out of the "FC5 + Planet CCRMA Box".

I saw some CD polling issues that should be turned off for example. Is there anything else to consider here?


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I'm no expert at how the sound daemon arts (the one KDE uses) works, but I have in my experience with other programs that use alsa, found that it is better to disable it. Most good audio programs use JACK, and any others that are worth their while will connect straight to alsa, so unless you really want the KDE system sounds then ditch arts (KDE 4 will be anyway!)