Modifier Keys

Most useful functionality on LMB, filling the gaps with modifier keys. * LMB-click on canvas: add note * LMB-drag on canvas: draw note * LMB-click on note: select note [delete would be nice for consistency with drum editing, where notes are usualy toggled, but won't be expected and seem drastic] * LMB-drag on note: move note * Ctrl-LMB-click: add note to selection * Ctrl-LMB-drag: draw notes even over other notes * Shift-LMB-click: select closest note * Shift-LMB-drag: selection rectangle * Alt/Meta-LMB: move closest note_on/off to mouse position (Alt/Meta to get around window managers blocking one of them) * MMB-drag: pan / scroll view * RMB-click: Context menu * Ctrl-RMB-drag (up/down): adjust velocity * Shift-RMB-click: delete