The disk system on your computer was not able to keep up with Ardour.

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@MaxDamage: audacity uses a lot more audio hardware buffering than typical JACK+Ardour configuration.

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@MaxDamage and others

Here's a demonstration of acoustically induced disk latency...

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Thanks Paul, now I got it. So actually Seablade did answer the question and I just didn't get it. :)

@Dissected: hehe, this is quite an interesting way of testing things. :)

So, I'll reset the buffer time to 5 seconds and instead, try cushioning my notebook next time I'm in the rehearsal room. I'll post the results afterwards.

btw.: keep up the good work! I mean forum/support- as well as Ardour-wise!

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Hey, just a short feedback on the cusioning-thing:
it worked fine!
Yesterday I´ve recorded hours-long sessions and it worked without any problems.
I wouldn't have thought you have to be that cautious when recording in a live-environment. Good to know.

Again, many thanks to all of you who contributed to the solution!

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I've been having this same problem for a few weeks now - the system works just fine in a controlled setting (electronic drums and all guitars plugged directly into the mixer) but produces this same "disk system was not fast enough" error when recording in a "live" environment with acoustic drums, loud guitars and the like. I have tweaked and tweaked the system to no avail and haven't seen any promise in the forums until I stumbled across this thread. I'm going to try the external hard drive, setting the disk to "noatime" and using a foam buffer to reduce vibrations and see how that works. Thank you all for the informative posts!

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Is it ok if the OS is not updating the access time? I hope I would not end up trying to fix computer errors in the long run.