Doxygen for Ardour

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Howdy, all. I'm new here, but was noticing that the link in the Development section to the Doxygen-generated documentation was broken (as noted on the page) and wanted to offer my hosting services, if desired. I don't really know anything about Doxygen, but I managed to get it installed and used the ardour.dox config file to make a basic page:

Let me know if this is something worth doing, and I can set it up on a cron job for regular updates...suggestions on changes to the config are also welcome.

I'd love to contribute in other ways, but I'm not a very good coder, and with a new baby in the house, I haven't got much in the way of spare cash...but I do have web hosting capacity (unlimited bandwidth, they tell me...). I'm also an audio enthusiast, which is what lead me to this site.