Can't move to location

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I have a multi-track song I recorded with Ardour (Ubuntu Linux). I can play the song just fine and record new tracks but I'm unable to move to any location in the song. I have tried using the location slider (the red thing..what is it called?) as well as use the location dialog (CTRL+L). The red bar will go to the location but instantly snap back to the where I had stopped/paused the song.
I just upgraded to 2.8.11 to see if this would fix the issue but it is still there.

I have a few projects like this and other that do not have this issue. I'm thinking I must have accidentally turned on some feature but I have no idea...

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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You probably have "Grid" turned on, with "markers" selected. So it always snaps to the "start" marker, it won't let you click anywhere else.

Switch the "Grid" selection (its a menu under the transport buttons) to off.