Rename a session?

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While digitizing some cassette audio tapes, I mistakenly named a few of the sessions (i.e., 'orums-001', and 'forums_010'), that fell out of the required ascending numerical order , i.e., 'forums-xxx'.

The order is critical for subsequent work that will be done with these sessions.

I copied the improperly named session, say 'orums-001', as 'forums-001' in my home directory, and then mv'd it back to the /forums directory on its separate drive.

However, when I open the renamed session, it still refers to the old session, 'orums-001'

What would I need to change to get the renamed sesion to resync itself to the new name, and not refer to the old session?

Or, am I left to use the old wrongly-named session?

I'd appreciate some pointers here, since I have about fifty tapes to complete soon.

Thanks in advance!

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Pretty much you need to rename the .session file, and possibly sed the session name in the .session file itself, I can't remember. ALWAYS make backups before you do anything like this though obviously.


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Thanks, Seablade!

Luckily, I had the output wav file from the wrongly-named session. So I simply opened a new session with the correct name, imported the wav file from the erroneous one, exported, then deleted the old session.

Sort of a round-about method, but it works OK.

Thanks again.

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Im currently recording some tracks with my band and I also named 1 session wrong. Because we are just recording 4 tracks it is no big deal but I think Ardour should have a funktion for renaming a session. I dont really want to mess around in the files ardour is creating, so is just left the wrong session name as it is.

Does Ardrour 3 have a funktion for renaming??

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the correct funktion for renaming is just saving a new snapshot, ja?

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Unfortunately, this seems to still leave the top level directory named with the original name "Test", in my case.
Also, under the interchange sub directory, is still the old name "Test".
How can I rename a song so that it doesn't seem to be a kludge of some old name like "Test" ? :)