Some osc functions not working

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Hello, i try differents osc functions with this document :

i try to control ardour via pd sending osc messages via sendosc (after connecting localhost and the good port)

- All transport functions work parfetly in ardour 2 , (ardour 3 has some proble with rewind trasport speed negativ)
- Edit related functions work
- Recording control work ( toggle all off is possible in ardour3 ? )

-Track specific opération , all is working exept a little bug in /gainabs.
In this section can we have acces to pan parameters ?

-Menu action, almost functions are not working. i have not tried all ( i will do soon) but impossible use zoom, editor fonction,....

I have also tried apostool, a pd patch to make script to control ardour using osc. There is a list with 406 actions, some ones only are working :(

Somebody know how to make working all function listed in the ardour osc control page ? and how to had a new function such as pan or send level.
Thanks a lot.
Best regard.