all signals going into ardour are distorted

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cliff wagner
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Hey Man!

just yesterday i was recording and everything is fine. Today I open a session and try to import a drum loop from garage band and when I audition the loop it's all distorted. weird. so I try to record a drum loop from my keyboard through my digital interface. same thing. Ok so I try playing my guitar directly plugged into the interface with the level all the way down on my interface. I am getting play back but the level is zero. as soon as I start raising the level the signal is distorted like I'm running the guitar through a fuzz box. I close down ardour and open garage band and try the same thing to see if my interface is crapping out but it works fine in garage band. I feel there is some setting that has changed in ardour maybe? has this happened to anyone else? my interface is a motu 8 pre.

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Hmm not off hand, can you go to Help>Chat in Ardour and check on IRC to see if anyone is around to help? This owuld be easier to troubleshoot over IRC than on the forums.


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I had a similar problem recently under AVLinux. I'm supposed to post about my particular problem on their forums. If I get an answer, I'll try to remember to repeat it here in case it helps you.