bulk moving tempo and meter markers?

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ahoy all,

i have a fairly large project in Ardour 2 to which i must add some measures in one spot, and remove measures in another. there are quite a few tempo and meter position markers that will be affected by this. my question is about moving multiple tempo and meter changes at the same time.

if i understand the concept correctly, the "Insert Time" command will move all markers, regions (once glued to the correct bar+beat), meter changes, and tempo changes. however, i have not found a way to move multiple tempo and meter changes at the same time when basically "removing time" from a session. i can select multiple normal markers, but not meter nor tempo changes.

i did find this post from 2009 where Paul indicates that this feature was already in SVN at the time:


however, i cannot find it referenced in a manual, post, message, etc, nor find the feature in Ardour.

can anyone let me know if a) this feature was implemented? b) how one uses it? c) if there is a another way to accomplish "removing" time if this bulk move tempo+meter points does not exist?

thanks in advance.

peace, w

PS. using Ardour 2.8.11+ (i.e. revision 8220 SVN) on GNU+Linux

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I would also find this very handy when removing measures from a song. I think there is already a feature request in for copying and pasting markers and tempos? That would help a bit.