Simple delay/double-tracking in Ardour

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I've been looking for a DIRT simple delay, where I can simply delay whatever I've sent to that bus by whatever amount I want. All the plugins I've installed seem to have WAY too much knobs for this. I don't want a repeating delay, echo, multi-tap, etc., etc. Just a simple offset. I've tried copying a track and trying to manually delay it, but I really need to get down to 10 ms, which is hard to do manually.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

In particular, I'm looking to accomplish a certain kind of vocal fattening that I used to do on Sonar with a simple delay. I'd like to have this functionality again. I know there's something out there - just haven't found it yet. LADSPA or VST, either one is fine with me.

Yes, it's kind of like the old-school double-tracking method. If there's a plugin for that, even better.

Pablo Fernández
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Take a look at the "echo delay line" LADSPA plugins by CMT. I think they do what you are looking for.

Alternatively, copy the region to another track keeping it at the same timeline by "Control-midlleclick + drag downwards" (or upwards), set the offset in the nudge clock (right-click on it to choose the units), select one of the regions and nudge it forwards or backwards with the little arrows.

Cheers, Pablo

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You know, I was an idiot yesterday when I attempted a copied-track ADT. Both tracks were panned dead center, resulting in a tinny echo instead of fattening. D'oh!

I'm going to try the nudge trick, and maybe this:

I should be all set with either solution. Thanks, Pablo!

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EDIT: The echo delay line is exactly what I need. I prefer not to have to actually copy a track, as it seems unnecessary, considering. Thanks again. :-)

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@audiodef yea there is now way to do that with the current anti-spam solution to my knowledge, sorry. If it makes you feel better, it still yells at me on occasion as well:)

Pretty much a guaranteed way to set it off is to try to put a URL in your post by the way.


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