Clicktrack Loudness

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I just discovered ardour for my kubuntu. One thing I'd like to know is where I can adjust the loudness of the clicktrack?



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See the Click tab in the options editor (Windows->Options Editor). The tab has a volume slider for the click track.

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A trick that I use to give the click track a level/mute control in the mixer window:

Add A stereo bus (Session Menu: Add track/bus: Check the Busses item and choose Stereo from the drop down list)
Rename the new bus to something meaningful. (do this in the mixer view by clicking on the existing name; probibly "Bus 1" or 2 or 3)
Connect the new bus input to the click track.( Do this Qjackctl)
Connect the new bus output the the alsa output.( Do this Qjackctl)
I hide this bus in the editor view and control it from the mixer view but it can be used from the editor window if you like.

(You might even get automation this way but I've not tried it: Loud click for loud parts quiet for the sneaky intro's etc)