ho qualche piccola idea, che ne pensate?

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Hi I am new to the forum, and since my English is very bad and I apologize for the google translator.
I would suggest these small ardour3 functions: to move the tracks on the sequencer in order to organize the session more comfortable for the wearer, to hold the background color of the different tracks recorded at once in order to further riconoscore the composition of the mix. You can choose the input device directly from the mixer channel side window difianco the sequencer, and another to decide directly on the counter and the sound with two clicks, always on You have the ability to insert notes with the mouse
backgrounding a grid that shows the quantization of time so that it is clear from the beginning if something is not perfectly in time to ....
I saw that it must be done by mantis but I never did, then I wanted to see if these ideas like ...
Good day to you all