Best linux builds?

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I'm just curiuos if anyone has compiled a "made to order" build for a DAW-only machine. Or is this unecessary? If so, what is the best distro to use?

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I'd check out - I'm writing this comment from within what is a great distribution well equiped with stuff like Ardour, Rosegarden, Audacity, etc. And it's all FSF-approved free as in freedom if you're a purist like me. Recommended! :-)

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And associated with rasta culture... "yay".

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If you're running a 64bit system, you might want to look at

I've had it installed and it's quite useable.

I'm running Gentoo at the moment and it's been the best experience so far in getting audio apps compiled and running well.

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Gentoo has been very good to us. Started with Debian, but Gentoo is so much more easily flexed. We're running a dual opteron with both a 64 bit and also a 32 bit installation.

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Im using PCLinuxOS. Its the perfect distro, chek it and you will know why :)

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Linux from scratch rules...


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I am playing with OPENSUSE 10.1, and i think it's realy QL linux distro. With jackLAB repository ant apt-get tool its very easy to add/remove packages, Arudor works nice. Its worth to try in my opinion, but ckg wrote about gentoo - its realy great distro, need more time to install from sources -- but after installation works realy great
If i had time (when my dotyher grow up a little) i will isntall gengoo

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