Plugin filter for mono and stereo plugins. . .

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I love Ardour and i applaud everyone involved in the project. I have tried out the alpha releases for Ardour 3 and i think it is coming along fantastically. The workflow is looking much easier and i can't wait til the final release. One thing that did occur to me was when looking for plugins. There are a few filters but last i checked there is no filter for mono/stereo plugins. I can't imagine this would be hard to implement but it would make it much easier for me, and i imagine a lot of other people to select either a mono or stereo filter for plugins depending on what our track is. Also a further suggestion would be that maybe only mono plugins show up on mono tracks or stereo plugins show up on stereo tracks, or at least have an option to allow or disallow this? What does everyone think? Once again guys, thank you very much. Love the programme and love how Ardour 3 is looking :) Best of luck :)